Remo Kids Gathering Drum, 22″ x 8″ (KD-5822-01)

Remo Kids Gathering Drum, 22" x 8" (KD-5822-01)
Remo Kids Gathering Drum, 22″ x 8″ (KD-5822-01) Detail
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Remo Kids Gathering Drum, 22″ x 8″ (KD-5822-01) Description

In every respect, this 22-inch-diameter drum surrounds you with the sounds of the jungle. The drum stands 7.5 inches tall on eight, wide, rubber-reinforced feet. On the outside shell, a kaleidoscopic menagerie of wild animals are on parade. Roaming through vivid foliage are a pink monkey with yellow ears and nose, a giant yellow and orange frog with green eyes and green and pink spots, a pink and red striped snake, an elephant, and a tiger. The drumhead looks like (but probably isn’t) re…

The Remo Kids Gathering Drum is loosely based on ceremonial drums used in many cultures throughout the world. For example, drums like these are often used to call a village together for regular meetings, as well as for special occasions. This 22 inch Gathering Drum can be played with hands, sticks, or mallets and can accommodate two or more players at the same time. From the playroom to the classroom, the Gathering Drum is colorful, durable, and a great addition to any kid’s music coll…

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Remo Kids Gathering Drum, 22" x 8" (KD-5822-01)

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